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Tips & Tricks

Wednesday, den 15. June 2011

Tips For Keeping Customers Engaged Over the Summer Keeping your customers engaged over the summer can be a challenge. Between vacations, outdoor events, and school being out, the consumer’s buying habits and attention span change. People are in front of their computers less and use mobile devices more to check email in the summer months. […]

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Thursday, den 19. May 2011

Delivering on Your Brand Your brand positioning has been agreed on, your target customer has been identified, your message has been refined to reach that audience, you have a new logo and tagline, a new email marketing template and your website has a new design. All of this really captures who you are and where […]

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Email Clean Up

Tuesday, den 10. May 2011

Tips to Clean Up Your Email Marketing This Spring Just like cleaning up your house, prepping the garden, or washing all the pollen off your car, with spring comes another set of tasks you should follow to get the most out of your email marketing; Email Spring Cleaning. Each spring you should take the time […]

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SEO Title Tag

Monday, den 9. May 2011

SEO Title Tag   Search engine optimize your blog’s title tags.  Title tags are important factors when it comes to search engine optimization.  Search engine marketing and search engine optimization advice, tips, strategy and tactics.  All search engines use title tags to gather information about your Web site.  Such title tags cannot be called unique as […]

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