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SEO Title Tag

SEO Title Tag  

Search engine optimize your blog’s title tags.  Title tags are important factors when it comes to search engine optimization.  Search engine marketing and search engine optimization advice, tips, strategy and tactics. 

All search engines use title tags to gather information about your Web site.  Such title tags cannot be called unique as many sites/blogs have got exactly the same wordings in their title tags.  Twokad suggested to change the title tags from one title.  Please careful when writing title tags never, never over stuff keywords title. 

Make sure your title tags are not stuffed with keywords.  I always thought that title tags and header tags were the same things.  For the same very reason, title tags should vary.  Vary the title tags on the inner pages of your website.  For some web pages, such as product pages, automatically generated title tags may be sufficient. 

Title tags for WordPress blog posts vs static pages.  SEO Title Tag makes is dead-easy to optimize the title tags across your WordPress-powered blog or website.  While WordPress is perfectly built for SEO, it usually requires tweaking if you want to optimize your title tags accordingly.  If it’s important that user’s see more than 55 characters in the WordPress title tags — then do it.  The title tags should be between 10-60 characters. 

Keep your title tags to 65 characters including spaces.You won’t get penalized for having longer title tags, but the search engine will simply ignore the longer part.  The title tag is used by pretty much every search engine that uses spiders to crawl your website.  The only information they are giving the search engine is their brand name.

This entry was posted in  SEO  and tagged  html tags ,  html title tags .  WordPress title tags are located in the   part of the HTML code.  I’m in fact talking about title tags in a post title – as in the title attribute in a link.  At this point we’re talking about  tagging your blog title tags for search engines.  Understanding how search engines use and treat title tags allows us to maximize the use of title tags. 

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