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Today Google Real-Time Search Changes Everything. Not being where your customer is looking could be costing you their business! Search engines are tightening up the loopholes to manipulate positioning.

So-called “doorway” pages, tricks with meta tag/keyword files, etc. no longer are effective. Keyword positioning, along with indexing, is the way to be seen on today’s Internet.

• The vast majority of clicks occur within the top 5 positions on a search page.

• As a rule, the more competitive the business category, the harder it is to attain decent placement. Conversely, the more competitive the business category, the more important placement is to success of the business.

Entrepreneurs and small businesses constantly find themselves looking around asking themselves why they can’t quite seem to find a good fit for what they need from service providers.

People do business with who they like, who they trust and who truly care about their business. In fact, a recent study by US News & World Report revealed that when clients leave their current provider it’s not because of a pricing or product problem, but a “people” problem. People that no longer value their business, or seem indifferent to it. A whopping 68% of them.

• A fractional 14% defected because of a pricing issue followed by 9% who were successfully wooed by a competitor.

• With Google Real-Time Search the playing field has been leveled.

• No longer can you or your competition sit back and think they own their TOP organic Google positions!

Google search engine ranking factors are among the most important items to check in any SEO work. This will ensure that the strategies formulated are effective, current and optimal for the best search engine ranking results. Every search engine optimization analysis examines the website’s performance against these important ranking factors. This article series will take a closer look at these factors and find evidence for their existence, so you will know that you are on the right track when performing SEO on your website.

If deficiencies are found in a site’s Google search engine ranking factors, the SEO in charge will attempt to make some changes to the website in such a way that it will now become search engine friendly and compliant with SEO ranking factors. Taken from a broader perspective, these improvements cover three important aspects:

• Content (using optimal titles, checking content quality, focusing relevance to targeted keywords, etc).

• Links (how other sites reference the website in terms of quality and quantity).

• Technical aspects (i.e. crawlability of the website) to name just three.

Are all big factor’s in SEO, to improve Web Site Search Engine Rankings, with the Top Ten Search Engines, like Google, Alta Vista, AOL Search, Ask Jeeves, Excite, Inktomi, Lycos, MSN, Teoma and Yahoo.

SEO is the skillful art of placing researched keywords, that have a known searching audience, into various places on a web page that are known to be given weight by the ranking systems and algorithms of Major Search Engines

It is estimated that less than two percent of the commercial and small business website content writing on the Internet have had any optimization for search engines today still.

Our SEO Campaign Management Services provides you with the ultimate search engine optimization (SEO) system – virtually ensuring you will obtain top ten search engines rankings for your chosen web sites and keywords to Improve Web Site Search Engine Rankings

Furthermore, we are aware of all of the major search engines Webmaster and marketing guidelines and all of our marketing strategies and techniques are compliant with these guidelines and we work one on one with you to insure your knowledge of How does search engine optimization work.

All of our clients enjoy greatly improved positions in the Top Ten Search Engines for competitive keywords. The free, organic positions available through natural search marketing are the most coveted spots on these algorithmic search engines.

A properly optimized Web Site can take you from search invisibility and zero rankings to top spots in these Top Ten Search Engines, especially if optimization is combined with known off page ranking factors.

Those who act now, with decisiveness and confidence will lead their competition for the rest of this decade, while their competitors catch on and try to catch up. Spam free, guideline compliant marketing is at the top of our list, to make sure our client is protected.

To Improve Web Site Search Engine Rankings, it’s SEO Specialist Online for all your search engine optimization needs Why not let us do a Free Website Evaluation for Your Business TODAY!

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