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Marketing at the Speed of Light: A unique lead service that provides the most targeted and exclusively yours leads to help improve your marketing efforts. Veretekk will help shorten your growth cycle and grow your business. Whether you are a small distributor or a Heavy Hitter, receive the most receptive rejection free prospects almost immediately when you subscribe  Try it for Free Today

Less than a century ago Napoleon Hill set out to interview many of the richest men in the world and to summarize their great achievements into 17 principles. Those 17 principles have been read and studied by countless thousands over the years and have helped create many of today’s richest and most successful business people in the world. . . . And it gets Even Better! The book Think and Grow Rich, I would presume, is probably the most quoted book on success of all time, next to the Bible.  FREE Gift -Napoleon Hill’s Famous Think and Grow Rich ~ Premium Audio Edition! When You Join My “Newsletter for Marketing Strategies”

Personal Mentoring Success In any Business Requires Training and Discipline Even though there are millions of people making comfortable incomes online every day, I know that millions more give it up out of frustration JUST before making it. Would You like to be scheduled for a Personal Mentoring Meeting?

What are YOUR Intentions? The Definition of the word intention is Something that you want and plan to do! Your job is to determine your outcomes by your intentions. What are your income expectations? Are they in alignment with your time and budget? What are your Intentions VISIT HERE

Submit Your Link, 12 million Ads for FREE: Blastomatic is aimed to provide one goal. RESULTS!!! Trying to promote on the Internet can be disheartening and costly. Unless you find the right tools you’re simply wasting your time and money. We make it easy for you by submitting your AD to millions of pages with just one click. Visit Blastomatic

FREE LEADS FOR LIFE: This program is for select individuals who need the most marketing potential available on the Internet. For the serious online marketer only, there is only one program because of the automated verification technology. Even though it is free, this program offers more than some marketing plans costing hundreds of dollars a year. Get Your FREE LEADS FOR LIFE Today!

Do More With Your Online and Email Marketing Campaigns With iContact’s extensive features, you can easily create Email Messages, send them to your subscribers, and track their performance. When you apply Autoresponders to your email marketing campaign, you can stay in the forefront of your customer’s mind with automatic messages based on timed sequences or customer actions. Surveying provides you, the marketer a platform to collect data from your customers and iContact provides you with the real-time results of your data. Learn More about Marketing Online with iContact with a 15-Day Trial

Blast your advertisement to over 2 Billion web sites as often as you want for only $10/month! Yes, that’s right… 2 Billion websites (with a capital “B”). If you are interested in having your own ad posted across the entire Internet, then Leadsomatic is for you. This incredible tool has been developed over a 10 year period by constantly monitoring the multitude of website systems and services that are capable of receiving remote submissions in order to continuously update the Leadsomatic database. The system has grown from a once impressive 10 million web sites to the current mind boggling 2 Billion sites contained in the database. Simply click the sign up button and you’re on your way!

VereConference is simply the hottest VoIP live online conference system around! Looking for a powerful, easy to use online VoIP conference system? Well, you’ve come to the right place! The VereConference system has been specifically designed to meet the needs of major corporations all the way to home based businesses – regardless of what your product is, or what you are promoting. VereConference is a reliable, no nonsense, easy-to-use, 100% web based conferencing service that you can use right NOW… without spending a penny!

Free Classifieds: We’ve been providing high traffic, high response Free Classifieds since 1996. Got something you want to sell? Looking to buy? This is the place! And you can place your classified ad for FREE! To submit your classified ad, fill out the form Here

Welcome to our “Computer Giveaway” monthly drawing. Complete this form to enter your name into the next drawing. The winner is chosen at random on the 1st of next month from all of this month’s contest entries! Only completed entries will be accepted.

Daily Message Online: Was developed with you in mind. A gift from us to you for life. When you sign-up for this service, we will send a powerful message to your email every morning, from a huge selection of innovative, provocative, inspirational and or spiritual quotes from some of the most powerful leaders of today and yesteryear.

Self Replicating Search Engine eTracking is much more than a basic search engine. You can submit your web site to eTracking, but you can also get your very own search engine! Get Yours today

GET a FREE LINK site! FFAs as we know it are dead. The search engines not only ignore them, now they penalize you for having links of fleeting FFA pages. You know the ones. After getting your link on the page a few hours later they get deleted. Not so with the FFAfarm, the oldest FFA site on the Internet. The biggest challenge with the old method FFAs is they drop your link after 100 or so others have posted. This makes your link virtually useless. By the time the search engine robots check the page, your link has disappeared. Not so with FFAfarm. ONE POST EQUALS MILLIONS OF LINKS!

FREE SOFTWARE DOWNLOAD Take advantage of this great opportunity. We are giving away vintage software for FREE. You’ll find that these programs are staples in every computer user’s diet. Many of these programs are not available anymore anywhere else but here. Not new stuff here. Vintage stuff that is impossible to find anywhere else. Get yours today

Free Web Pages Free Web Site Hosting Services Create and maintain you’re own professionally designed World Wide Web site by using the instant Web Publisher. No HTML programming, CGI scripting, or graphic design skills required. Everything is as simple as filling in the blanks. Best of all, there is no cost to you, EVER! These pages make great “Doorway” pages and can be an easy, integral part of you’re Internet Marketing Campaign. Get yours today

Some refer to us as the Noah’s Arc of today! Why?…Because this system is designed to empower the self-employed, underemployed, unemployed, unemployable, senior citizen, disabled, single parents and the disenfranchised of our society. Money-Machine Network’s primary purpose is to help you learn and empower you to develop an alternative form of income. It is not a dream anymore, it is a reality. Login to our Flash show and find out why all the others still don’t get it..

The Middle class is being attacked! The trend is firmly entrenched with the outsourcing of good paying jobs. White color jobs (IE: It services, software design, engineering, etc.), support and call centers, banks customer support, airlines phone sales counters, etc. going to India and other similar countries Good paying blue caller jobs in the US are declining with manufacturing moving to China, Mexico and other countries. At home jobs like construction, landscaping, farm labor, hotel services, etc. are being filled by illegal aliens. So where does that leave us?

Make a difference! Help to abolish Spam! Join the ranks of the ethical online marketers seeking a universal policy for responsible Internet marketing. Sign the petition.  The system will then generate a PDF letter you can print and mail to your politicians! Please add your name to the Petition!

FREE VACATION GETAWAY 3 Day 2 Night Vacation SURVEY:  If you were shown a way to make all your dreams come true, would you at least want to take a serious look at it and gather all the facts? To receive your Vacation Package, please visit here

Welcome to Veremail™ – Leader in Automated Email Marketing! Unlimited Autoresponders, Follow-up Emails, Email Broadcasting, and Live Customer Support from the Industry Leader since 1993! >>> Sign up now to get Veremail Silver™ FREE For Life! <<< Professional studies have found that it takes 5-7 or more advertising exposures before a prospect will actually make a purchase. With Veremail’s unlimited autoresponders and unlimited follow up email system, your opt-in prospects will automatically receive your message 5-7 times (or more) over a period of days, weeks, and months when they request information from you. Veremail will save you time and money, but also increase your sales conversion rate, maximize your marketing efforts, keep you organized, and increase your profits. Most importantly, Veremail allows you to build a sphere of influence passively by consistently keeping you in front of your customers.

Get Your Very Own Free Website Tracking System! VereTracking is an awesome webmaster tool that allows you full website monitoring and statistics – for absolutely free! A tracking tool like this anywhere else would cost upwards of $50/month. It come with no popups, spyware, trojan horses etc. No bothersome banner ads either. eretracking let’s you create an unlimited number of small code snippets that when placed on your websites or in your email provides you complete traffic statistics. Signup for free right now or take a look at some samples – just click here.

WebCatch Free Lead generating self replicating search engine. A personal WebCatch directory.  If you want your own Webcatch system it is free.  Chaos theory combined with viral technology makes this a leading edge traffic portal. This site can easily become a massive verified lead generator for free. It is self replicating, comes with live training and runs on over 200 servers. Get yours today

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