Yahoo and Bing Fall in Love!

Michael Augustine

Ok, Ok, Ok, maybe it is not that glamorous, but yes, Yahoo and Bing have definitely formed a relationship. A relationship in my opinion has significant effect on searches that internet marketers or SEO experts love to do. To the average user of course, they may not care as to how the results are provided.

It has become apparent that Yahoo has “adopted” the technology that Bing uses to deliver search results in a certain way. This was a move I have been expected for some time. Since Google was determined to dominate the search market, Yahoo has given me the impression that they have decided to disappear from the “popular vote”nomination so to speak and focus on restructuring their business, their brand, and their focus on marketing.

Yahoo apparently become attracted to Bing when MSN changed their “image” to Bing, Yahoo decided to “flirt” with Bing and pass notes to each other during SEO class. I remember my days in high school when I was shy to meet a girl and ask her out, so I would play chicken and pass her a love note! Ladies and gentlemen, let me tell you, this technique never worked for me, so as you can probably tell I wasn’t the one with the most dates or any dates for that matter.

Today we are in the 21st century and anything is possible. I am several years older now along with being married, so I obviously cannot try that technique again, unless I want to have my wife stop feeding my face at night along with throw me out on the street. If other people want to try this technique, then by all means, hey knock yourself out!

This merger of harmony is just a sign of things to come! I have always believed that “what goes up, must come down.” Google has managed to become the “big dog” on the market, and I believe that Google will eventually “crumble” under the weight of fortune and fame thus Yahoo will be there to grab the baton and win the race.

Time will tell the tale! Ladies and gentleman, welcome to “Binghoo!”

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